Robin Chell Design


ODIN is a 305-unit mid-rise, located in the heart of Seattle's Ballard neighborhood.

The interior finishes and overall building are influenced by Ballard's Scandinavian and maritime heritage. The grand lobby features a central light fixture that was inspired by the movement, colors and scale of the Aurora Borealis, a prominent feature in the night skies above Norway and Sweden. The lobby also features a large central fireplace, finished in blackened steel.

In keeping with modern Scandinavian design, ODIN features layers of subtle lighting, clean lines, and a balance of neutral tones with pops of color. Expansive open spaces with plenty of light are designed to meld the indoors with the outdoors. Units feature quartz countertops, expansive cabinetry and a glass tile backsplash.

Architect: Runberg Architecture Group
Client: Equity Residential
Photos by:
Brent Smith Photography
#9 - Michael Walmsley Photography
#10 - Runberg Architecture Group