Robin Chell Design

Twenty20 Mad

Twenty20Mad is a 175-unit mid-rise apartment located between Seattle's Capitol Hill and the Madison Valley. The ground floor lobby draws inspiration from the mid-century commercial designs of the 60s, which are also reflected in the building's architecture. Real terrazzo flooring and wood veneer are prominently featured.

The heart of the building interiors and overall concepts are inspired by the former funk and soul clubs that proliferated in this neighborhood in the 1970s. Themes of rhythm and sound are found throughout the building, from an undulating sculpted ceiling in the main lobby to soundwave-inspired artwork and corridor carpets.

The clubroom has a sexy, soulfully vibe featuring rich red and gold textiles. The clubroom also features a unique "sound booth" where residents can spin vinyl, create music mixes and DJ their own parties.

Architect: Encore
Client: Lennar Multifamily Communities
Photos by: Daniel Sheehan